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Static/Choppy on virtual audio cable ?


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I use Voice Meter Banana and every time I run the game, people can hear my microphone choppy, seems to be each second while I talk I cut off for a second, so it sounds like I am always on and off but in a very fast refresh rate, each second, even when I do a full sentence or on Radio.

Playing around with the Hrz 44k or 48k on ALL devices seems to solve the issue to me, just need to play around with it - change it to 44k and the program and then change them all back to 48k....

under audio settings > recording  tab > and all the devices there need to match... 

I use an Arctic 7 wireless headset and the microphone works perfect on discord or even on StreamLabs OBS when I stream - but only in game ,

when I run the game, I have the issue mentioned above - so I play around with the Hrz and eventually after a couple of minutes of just changing Hrz around it seems to solve the issue for that session, meaning If I restart it will come back later on, sometimes restarting the computer or just the game helps too..... If the settings are right but just need a refresh? Still figuring it out.....

Amy solution? cause this issue is regarding programs that help transmit using virtual audio cables I guess and RAGE isn't too happy about that?

Of course without voice meter, I think this issue never happened. But I want to use it to play music through my mic and control the volume of the game more easily... to hear radio louder and stuff....

Anyway to fix this? 

Hardware: Arctic 7 wireless head set.

CPU Ryzen 5 3600 

GPU 5700 XT Radeon AMD

16 GB DD4 1800 Hrz Ram

2 screens connected , LG wide screen 29 with speakers built and a 144 hrz screen that is my main

Logitech G213 keyboard , Steelseries Rival wireless 650 mouse

3 SSDs 970 in M2 form - -  860 and a 500 gb one are normal SSDs

Let me know if you want anything else , thank you in advance! :D


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