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Pillbox MLO interior


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to put a ymap in place where the Pillbox interior is. I remove all Pillbox IPL's:


And put the 2 ymaps (Found here, I also tried another set of .ymaps from here) in the client_packages/game_resources/dlcpacks/hospitalmap/dlc.rpf which is a clean rpf file with only the ymaps in it.

However, when I go in game the map doesn't show up and the interior is just empty, you can fall through the ground aswell.


I also tried to load some ipl's. According to the creator (but then obviously converted to RageMP syntax):



Nothing shows. All I want is to open them damn doors :D


Any help is appreciated. I'm trying to learn how to mod/map for a server but I'm pretty much struggling for days now.

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