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RAGE:MP on Wine: Game crashes after launching


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I've seen a lot of topics on this but no solution working for me. As I'm running GTA and RAGE on Linux and Wine, I thought to put that in the title, but maybe that's unrelated, seeing that there are so many reports on this already.

My client installed just fine (all the tons of times I tried), the start screen also launches flawlessly and I'm able to pick a server to join, but when it tries to launch the game, I can briefly see a black fullscreen for a second or two before it, as well as the RAGE start screen, closes.

I've tried:
    Different Wine versions: lutris-5.7-8, Staging v5.14, and the latest Proton from steam

    Reinstalling the whole game

    Having both the Epic Games Store and Social Club open before trying to launch

    Having the game open on Single Player before trying to launch (That fails with an error from Epic Games saying my game is already running)

    Connecting to a server from the global list, as well as a local one, set up as it says here

I really hope someone can help with this! Just let me know if I need to try anything or post any log files 🙂

Thank you in advance!

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Posting on a new account since I'm a genius and forgot my password. *facepalm

My issue's been happening for a week or two since I first tried to run RAGE:MP. I really don't think today's update has to do with anything, unless there's been another update lately I don't know about. Actually, has there?

Edit: There hasn't been one since March before today, I just checked. Means my issue really was there before today's update. Sad, I was hoping it would have an easy fix...

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I just realized that every server I've tried to join is labeled 0.37, and my client version has been 1.1. I'm imagining this is the reason why I crash on startup, but wow, am I surprised this isn't mentioned anywhere!
Now I just need to figure how to downgrade the client. Any help would be much appreciated!

Oh, and also, should the latest GTA version work as of right now?

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