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FATAL ERROR: Could not start RAGE Multiplayer.


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Hi again!

I've been trying for ages to get things to work and to connect to a 0.37 server. I have been told I need to change "prerelease" to "oldprerelease" on config.xml, and "prerelease" to "prerelease_1_51_0" by someone else. (Note, for everyone wanting to do that and not knowing how, the file config.xml is located at the RAGEMP folder).

Then, on both cases, I was told to run ragemp_v.exe (also in the RAGEMP folder) instead of the updater. My problem is, on both cases, I get the error "FAATL ERROR: Could not start RAGE Multiplayer.", and the launcher doesn't... launch.

If I could get help on what to do, that'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!

(PS: I'm running Wine on Linux. That could be important.)

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