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How to Downgrade GTA V (Epic Games)

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I was having problems after updating the game.

wait for a solution from the team

before pasting the files, create a backup.

----- PT-BR -----

Aguarde uma solução por parte da equipe do Rage.MP.

Edited by ozinhobr
Some people had a problem with the downgrade.
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43 minutes ago, Akimo1339 said:

How to Downgrade the Steam version... i want to test my script at 1.1 but it dont work.



7 hours ago, Xabi said:

You don't need to downgrade anything, RAGE already supports the latest GTAV version.

 👆👆 👆👆 👆👆

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vor 16 Minuten schrieb ozinhobr:



 👆👆 👆👆 👆👆

It dont support this fkin 1.1 Version.

And this Downgrade was Stupid, why they just dont release the new Update also for the 1.1 Version. fucking stupid my game is broken right now.

Thanks for Nothing

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