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Rage 1.1 Update for new Version

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Are there any news about by when a fix for the 1.1 Servers will be available.
I don't want to know an exact time but a rough estimation would be nice .. this weekend, next week or never??

Any update, information would be welcome, thanks upfront.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Mr. Xabi, not what I want to hear but understandable.

I'm developing a server on 1.1 because it has some features that are not available on 0.3.7 and I think many others do it as well.
Anyhow, thanks for answer, hope 0.3.7 is fixed soon.

Can you check if I am blocked on Discord, I can press the R at the beginning but nothing happens > no new channels apears etc. I was never on Discord before or just read on discord, so I'm sure I did nothing wrong there.
Discord Name = same as forum name, thanks!

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