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How to setup SQL Database

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There are many types of SQL. What type of SQL are you looking for?

Also, is this for development or a live server? If its for development, and assuming you're on Windows, the most popular one MySQL can be easily installed along with a database editor called phpMyAdmin by installing a local webserver package such as XAMPP (which has MariaDB and not MySQL, they are very similar and drop-in replacements for each other), or my personal favorite EasyPHP

If you read the documentation for whichever webserver package you choose to use you will learn the default username (usually root), and password (usually empty), and you can connect to your web root by going to http://localhost/ or where you will be able to access phpMyAdmin and create/edit the structure of your database. (Note, sometimes Windows devserver packages run on port :8080 or something other than :80, which you will need to note from the configuration if you find you can't connect with localhost or

Once the MySQL server is running with your web server package you can connect to it from within your server scripts by doing something similar to this (JS)

var mysql = require("mysql");

var connection  = mysql.createConnection({
  host          : "localhost",
  user          : "root",
  password      : "",
  database      : "database_name"

connection.connect(function(err) {
  if (err) throw err;

Note: This is how I do it, you could also opt for a less bloat option of installing the MySQL server directly from https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ but you would need to download a MySQL client from the internet and use that, rather than phpMyAdmin, to create/edit your database.

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