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Do i need to add dlc.rpf to server directory?


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Hello, i'm a complete noob to scripting, i have started a few days ago using @Xabi's WiredPlayers v2.0 gamemode & i'm wondering if i need to add dlc.rpf to get things from them to show in the world map, for example the windows on the casino are missing, i have requested the ipl & also the main casino like this


in constants.cs i added

new BusinessIplModel(BUSINESS_TYPE_CASINO, "vw_casino_main", new Vector3(1100.000, 220.000, -50.000))


in Globals.cs i added

            //Add casino


I have also added this script to the client side in a new Casino.js file & updates the index to require this .js

this is my client side code

mp.events.add("loadInterior", (x, y, z, IPLName) => {
    var interior = mp.game.interior.getInteriorAtCoords(1100.000, 220.000, -50.000); 
    mp.game.streaming.requestIpl("vw_casino_main"); // interior name(IPL)


However i still fail to see the casino interior & the exterior windows remain missing. I saw a forum post about placing dlc.rpf's into the client side while i was trying to implement interiors from a prior dlc like this




then i requested their respective IPL's on the server & client side the same way i have with the casino and i had no results from this either.


I know i'm doing something completely wrong and noobish, my apologies, but i would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day :)

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