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Immense Roleplay - Roleplay server entirely made from scratch

Tom Harper

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UPDATE - I've changed the name of the server to Immense RP. As mentioned below, it's my community in the past which was based on SAMP. Now moving to GTA V as a whole.

Hi guys,

I got introduced to Rage MP like 2-3 days back by a friend of mine. I was totally taken aback by how easy it was to script both the server and client side. It just took me one day to completely analyse the Rage platform and understand the core concepts of it's working.

I owned/developed multiple roleplay communities in the past in the evergreen SAMP platform for GTA SA like RRP, Immense RP, Diverse RP, etc..

I was totally hooked when I first stepped into the Rage platform. As a matter of fact, I regret that I didn't venture into this platform long back then, but better late than never ūüėä.¬†It has basically become an addiction to start with, as each step I move further, new ventures and implementation ideas came in. It's like a never ending rabbit hole with unlimited possibilities.

This server which I've been working for like past 3 days, all / the core parts have been written from the scratch, apart from the usage of 1 or 2 client side resource.

So this will be work-in-progress server, my passion as long as it lasts¬†ūüėÄ. I'll¬†continue posting updates as I progress in this never ending Rage MP world.


Here's a sneak peak of the login / registration system I've developed. Just a start for a guy whose first Rage MP encounter was 3 days back¬†ūüėČ


Feel free to join my discord server.


Feel free to post your suggestions.




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change title and logo
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Immense Roleplay - Progress Update v0.2 BETA

* Fully revamped logo at login page
* All colors updated the theme of the server, which is light green.
* Each hour all accounts will be saved.
* Shows a wasted screen with blackout animation when you die. (rootcause script)
* GTA V style character switch camera when you spawn (jenga script)
* Chat message color will now fade according to the receiver's distance from the sender.
* Fixed chat box overflowing when the text is longer than the chatbox's width.
* Spawn location update - New players will now spawn inside Los Santos Metro Transit.
* Auto teleport to nearest hospital when the player dies. (Just a basic implementation, lots to come).
* Brand new online players' list page (Still WIP).

* Basic roleplay commands

    /me, /do

* Basic chat commands

    /g - Global chat
    /b - Local OOC chat

* Player commands

    /kill - Kills the player

* Generic test commands

    /getmypos - Gets your current position, and the rotation, then copies it to your clipboard!

* Paycheck system

    Each hour player will receive a paycheck automatically.

* Admin System

    * Ranks
        Junior Admin
        General Admin
        Senior Admin
        Head Admin
        Assistant Management
        Server Owner

    * Commands
    /a - Admin chat
    /veh - Spawns a vehicle
    /dveh - Despawns a vehicle
    /money - Give/take money from/to the player
    /giveweapon - Give a specified weapon to the player with set ammo
    /goto - Teleports to a specified a player
    /saveaccount - Saves a specified player's account to the DB
    /saveallaccounts - Saves all online players' accounts.

* Helper System

    * Ranks
        Junior Helper
        Senior Helper
        Assistand Helper Moderator
        Helper Moderator


More to come :)

Join our discord.



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