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ERROR: Could not access game process. Shutdown Steam and try again.


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I have been playing rage mp since February without any problems. It seems that it always worked stably, there were no errors, etc. A couple of days ago, I just rebooted my computer due to the fact that there were lags in the game after restarting the PC, a couple of errors were eliminated and rage mp stopped loading the servers altogether, just threw it into the regular game.

thanks for the help

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Лично у меня такая ошибка возникает при запущенных одновременно программах - Steam и Rockstar Games Launcher. 

PS: Играю через Steam.

У меня получилось вылечить проблему: Закрыть все программы (Steam, Rockstar Games Launcher, RAGE Multiplayer). Открыть Steam и запустить RAGE Multiplayer. На всякий случай запускаю RAGE Multiplayer через режим администратора.


Personally, I have such an error when programs are running simultaneously - Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher.

PS: I play through Steam.

I managed to fix the problem: Close all programs (Steam, Rockstar Games Launcher, RAGE Multiplayer). Open Steam and launch RAGE Multiplayer. Just in case, I launch RAGE Multiplayer via administrator mode.

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