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The game hangs when connected to the server.


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Hi there. I have the following problem with connecting to servers: I choose any server via Rage MP launcher. The game window starts. Writes "loading RAGE multiplayer 0.3.7". After a few slides, the screen turns black and the boot wheel spins, the game stops responding to buttons (such as Home for Social Club). Processes include GTA V + Social Club UI and they may appear more. If you "lower" the game and open it again - everything hangs. It is necessary to leave through the task manager. I've already tried many things: uninstalled GTA, installed anew. Same with Rockstar Launcher and Rage MP. Tried to download server files separately - does not help. VPN - will not help. Reinstalled on one HHD RAGE MP + GTA or on different - does not help. Disables Steam and NVidia overlays ...
I also noticed that in the RAGE MP launcher all servers have the same ping - 120 ms. GTA runs via Steam normally. Reset to "default". I missed Five M - it loaded and worked. Maybe someone else can give advice on this (I've already watched all the videos and re-read all the forums - nothing helped :) ). Thanks.

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