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C# Command with PlayerID


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For example if I want to give weapon to someone with command I need to type:

/gweapon [PlayerName] [weapon] [ammo]

but I dont want to use playerName, instead I want to use playerID.

[Command("gweapon", "~b~/gweapon ~w~[Ime/id] [Weapon Name] [Ammo]")]
        public void CMD_Gweapon(Player player, Player target, string weapon, int ammo)
            if (!IPlayer.IsPlayerLoggenIn(player)) return;

            IPlayer iplayer = player.GetData<IPlayer>("PlayerData");
            if (iplayer.HasAdminLevel((int)AdminRanks.Administrator))
                WeaponHash weaponHash = NAPI.Util.WeaponNameToModel(weapon);
                target.GiveWeapon(weaponHash, ammo);

                target.SendChatMessage("~g~[Success]~w~ Oruzije: ~g~" + weapon + " ~w~uspesno setovano!");

                Logs.LogPlayerData(player, player.Name + " je setovao oruzije igracu: " + target.Name + ". Oruzije: " + weapon + ". Municija: " + ammo + ". | Vreme: " + DateTime.Now);
                Logs.LogPlayerData(target, "Administrator: " + player.Name + " vam je setovao oruzije: " + weapon + ". Municija: " + ammo + ". | Vreme: " + DateTime.Now);
            else NonAdminMessage(player);

How to get Player from id?

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To get a player by the ID, you can check the Players Pool and get the player who's .Value is equal to the desired id, like so:

NAPI.Pools.GetAllPlayers().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Value == target);

And in your command, instead of Player target, change it to int target and use that id.

Or, if you're interested in a more robust and dynamic version, you can use string type instead of int (for target) and that way, you could use a command with Name or Id, whichever is desired. But you'd have to try and parse that string into an int and if successful, use that id in the above code. Otherwise (if by name), you'd use

NAPI.Player.GetPlayerFromName(targetString); // where targetString is the command's argument

ps: GetPlayerFromName only works with full names. So you can't use "Vende", you'd have to use "Vendeta" if a player's name is Vendeta.

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