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[TUTORIAL] [UPDATED | Rage V1.1] How to add .ymaps and dlcpacks into your server

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After i posted the link to THIS thread the 100th time now in Discord, i thought about updating it and give you guys some tips for server-sided modding in RageMP. This way you can add every file which effects the gta world (ymap, ytyp, ydr, ybn, ytd, yft, meta, etc.)



First of all we're looking at what you're gonna need:

A dlcpack base:
I would recommend Dekurwinators because inside the .rpf he tells you where each file belongs. Although you can choose between different dlcpacks prepared for your needs

Your files:
For this purpose i made a quick ymap at the spawnpoint

Is needed to open .rpf files, visualize files like models or collisions and a lot of other stuff




Lets get started:

After you downloaded everything, you can extract all files. All you need from the dlcbase is the template1 folder with the dlc.rpf file inside.

Now you open the dlc.rpf via OpenIV and navigate into dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\props\map_meta.rpf. This is the correct place to paste your ymap in:



To paste your files in you have to click on "edit mode" (this prevents you from accidently deleting stuff) and just drop it in.
You can delete custom_placement, _manifest and the files within the other folders to have a clean dlcpack (i would recommend not to delete the readme texts to know where each file belongs). Do not rename folders or files within the rpf because the paths inside are set in the content.xml and changes to the structure without the right adjustments crashes your game.


Now you extract the files i uploaded for the tutorial (map1.ymap and _manifest.ymf) and drop it in. You can close OpenIV and open your Rage folder.


Inside your server folder you navigate to RageMP\server-files\client_packages\game_resources\dlcpacks and paste the template1 folder with the dlc.rpf.


This is all you have to do to add custom files to your RageMP Server. Now you just have to start it and look to your left to see the result:





Does this work with 0.3.7 too?
- No, to add files to your 0.3.7 server you have to follow Soupiests Tutorial.


I have a .xml file, how do i add that?
- To add .xml files you have to convert them into .ymap. I would recommend to create maps with Codewalker anyway because you can export your map directly to .ymap.


Do i need to affix all files?
- No, since version 1.1  affixing the files is no longer required.


My game crashes while loading, what to do?
- If your game crashes while loading there can be many reasons. First thing i would check is the folder structure of your dlc.rpf and compare it to the content.xml.


I did everything as you told but nothing appeared ingame?
- If you cant see any changes check if your dlc.rpf is in the right place (RageMP\server-files\client_packages\game_resources\dlcpacks\foldername\dlc.rpf).



If you're still facing issues, feel free to contact me at the RageMP Discord or describe your problem at #game-modding.

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