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Persian Language In Non-English Category on Discord


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Hello to RAGE:MP Community!


First of all I want to say Thanks about the time and works you putted into version 1.1 and I'm also glad that you dears added Persian to languages in RAGE:MP client.

The second thing I want to say is that you dears added Persian to the client languages but I think you dears forgot to add it on Non-English category on discord.

If you do this on discord Iranians can easily ask their question/ solve their problems/ you add some suggestions that can make the community better. You can also see the Iranians on RAGE:MP community and they always support the community and everyday inviting new players to the community. In my opinion Persian (my country language) should be added on Non-English category. I heard this from Iranian players on RAGE:MP a lot... So I would appreciate If you dears take care of this.

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Thank you for viewing and paying attention to this topic. 

Best Regards, IRWorld Team.

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