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Bugs on prerelease and prerelease_1909_test_ branches

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Hello! I am making a server and I encountered a problem. On prerelease executing player.giveWeapon (server-side) crashes the client, but on prerelease_1909_test_ CEFs sometimes disappear and do not work. Even F1 menu stops working. It worked fine a few days ago, but now I get this error and I do not know how to fix it. Maybe there is one more branch with 1,1 version which I can use until the bugs will not be fixed. If so, suggest it please. It is very hard to develop a server when such thing do not work.


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There are no more branches, just wait for them to be fixed. I don't think a crash when using player.giveWeapon can cause you to stop developing, there are more tasks to do.

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