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I can't start my server on Ubuntu 20.04 - Bcrypt dependency


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Hello everyone, first of all thanks for read the post, I really feel defeated by this problem that I am having. I have programmed a server with mysql and bcrypt as password encryptor, when I upload my server to ubuntu it asks me for the 'mysql' dependency, I install it with NPM, but then it asks me bcrypt to also install it with NPM, but when I install the latter and I try to start the server, I get the following error: /opt/ragemp-srv/node_modules/bcrypt/lib/binding/napi-v3/bcrypt_lib.node: undefined symbol: napi_module_register.  My Node version is v10.19.0, but I also tried to install bcrypt with v.12 of Node


EDIT: I solved my problem installing bcrypt-nodejs

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