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Greetings Ragers.

Syndicate Roleplay,We are proud to present to you a server filled with activities. And more to come. Check replies for some of the activities 😉

Syndicate Roleplay was first started in 2019 with a guy i met IC forming a motorcycle club called Iron Pegasus. It then came to a complete stop around 8 months ago give or take. 

It then got fired back up around 2-3 months ago, and it has gone so fast compared to the first 6 months. The server is written mostly in c# and it is sad to see that 1.1 isnt stable yet as we now launch the server in 0.3.7. A 1.1 server is beeing developed side by side so switching over to 1.2 when it comes out should be no problems. 

Server will launch on the 15th November. 

Plan is to launch a stable build with balanced economy and staff ready at that time. There are allot of nice features in the version we are launching it with. 

The list is long so I would recommend you check out the DiscordWe have setup a little list there.

Things to note is that we do not allow players to use controllers when shooting. Any aim assist will be viewed as aimbot and result in bans. 

Also a win mentality in law enforcement will be not tolerated.

Players can expect full transparancy from staff and development team in terms of reports and development updates. 

Developer Tony Devachy posts his weekly devblog on the forums and will always listen to input from the community. Also, i would like to say that my experience in programming is pritty good. 

Lead Admin Deadrik is a fair person with the ability to act. He will not let biased staff handle reports against staff or players.

We are going to put together a professional yet fun enviroment for players to enjoy proper Roleplay. The server will be whitelisted asap. 

Currently the only things that is not ready is making ui and that look right. And then the server will be ready for launch. 

We have a test server running everyday if you want to check it out. Head over to Discord,  And apply for tester and you will see the IP. 

In terms of Pay to win, there will be none of that. The only thing IRL money can buy is increased house slots, vehicle slots, business slots and character slots. In the future there will maybe be more cosmetic stuff. But never ever a vehicle or in game money. 

We hope to see you soon as we are getting ready to release. 


Check out our Forum for more info. 


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So server development is coming along.
What has been done the last 2 weeks?

  • Bank heists has been added to all the Fleeca banks around town.
  • Random amount of stolen goods are given per bank box opened.
  • Uis for all jobs are now in place, no more commands!
  • Phone is now working. Voice that is. Still command based for the time beeing.
  • Radio is now working, purchase a walkie talkie and set your freq and talk to your friends. 
  • Trucker job is getting made this weekend.
  • Ocean cleaner job. 
  • PostalGQ
  • Food delivery
  • Mining in place, with level system. 
  • Robbing stores, random amount given per robbery. 
  • Weed growing is now bug free. (I hope) :D 
  • Setup for larger bank heists are in place. The power plant. Resets every 45 minutes.
  • Fleecas reset every 2 hours.
  • Mining ores reset every 30 minutes
  • All noteable vehicles from GTA O is added.
  • Neons are added.
  • House purchase now gives a blip to your home. 
  • PD, MD, DOC and LSC now can spawn vehicles.
  • Gun crossair is now removed.
  • Unique IDs are now displayed next to the players nametag.
  • Sync is improved.
  • Drug labs now can be purchased when in a illegal faction.
  • Lockpicking now requires a lockpicking tool
  • Put people into your vehicle when you have cuffed them or ziptied them.
  • Pull people out of a vehicle when they are zip tied or handcuffed.
  • Zip ties for everyone! Get your own at 24/7.
  • Blindfolds added.
  • Smells have been added. With the option to go to a house and shower to remove them. PD can now smell the weed from you.
  • New explosives added for heist setups. 
  • New hair models for both genders.
  • PD and DOC now can get equipment through a UI instead of commands. Weapons also are given with 100 ammo.
  • License for Motorcycles are added.
  • License for Trucking added.
  • E is now the main button to open UIs, shops and even enter interiors. 
  • Tab opens up house Ui and business Ui.
  • K now locks your vehicle, business and house. Also unlocks it. 
  • Help UI in place for new players to get a easier start. F7 to show it.

So thats about it for now. Im sure i missed a few things. I have been working everyday for the past 2 weeks on this, so allot has been added. And allot of bugs have been cleared out. Crashes are minimum from our testers attempts. And overall i feel like the server is stable. 

Still sticking to the release date of 15.11.2020 ;)


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