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Connection Lost [US East]


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I initially wrote about this issue on the forums for a "GTA World" server not too long ago. Shortly after posting it, I was able to resolve the issue and requested it to be closed. Since then, I have encountered the issue again... only this time the same troubleshooting steps are unable to fix it.

The original post is here.

The Issue

Connecting to any RAGE MP servers causes this. It had worked when I played during August.



On occasion-- randomly, from what I can tell-- I will get false hope from the following popups. The same pop-ups appear when connecting to any server.



I have tried:

  • Reinstalling RAGE MP 5+ times
  • Validating GTA V
  • Reinstalling GTA V
  • Launching GTA V Singleplayer
  • Launching GTA Online
  • Rebooting
  • Adding RAGE MP to Firewall / AV Exceptions
  • Adding GTA V to Firewall / AV Exceptions
  • Launching RAGE MP as admin
  • Letting RAGE MP launch steam for me
    • This method seems to be unable to get the game to launch at all. When connecting to a server, steam and the rockstar client start up, then close shortly after.
  • Flushing DNS Cache
  • Resetting the hosts file
  • Updating Visual C++ / .NET Redistributables
  • The "shift-tab" / "social club" / "home key" timeout method despite me not being Oceanic
  • Port forwarding 22005 and 22006
  • Direct connecting to IP
  • Rebooted router
  • Connecting with a VPN
  • Connecting to the server, pressing F1, and trying a direct connect to there
    • Note: When direct connecting to the server via literal IP ( instead of play.gta.worldsometimes it downloads files, but fails to connect still after doing so. This can also occur from the RAGE MP launcher instead of the F1 menu.
    • Interestingly enough, the default direct connect menu will always display the following as if it is not connecting to the correct IP.
    • Kj9B8rn.png
    • Inputting the correct IP here doesn't fix anything unfortunately.


I really have no idea how to proceed and I am out of options, as far as I can tell. Please advise me on how to continue troubleshooting.

To that end, does the RAGE MP client create any logs? I feel that would be a good place to start.


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