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Delete car after disconnect


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How can I delete a player's car after leaving the game?

mp.events.add('mycar', (player=>
        DB.Handle.query('SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE nickname = ?', [player.name], function(e,res){
                let target = mp.players.at(player.id);
                var cVeh = player.getVariable('playerVeh'+player.id);
                if(cVeh !=nullcVeh.destroy();
                let pos;
                pos = target.position;
                var playerVeh = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat(res[0].veh), new mp.Vector3(pos.x,pos.y,pos.z),{
                    heading: target.heading,
                player.putIntoVehicle (playerVeh0);
                playerVeh.setColor(parseInt(res[0].col1), parseInt(res[0].col2));
    else return;
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