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My FPS drops because MOUSE


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Hi im having a problem with the new version 1.1 of Rage on any server and i tried with two mouses and is the same, i can have my fps at 100 but when i just move the mouse it drops to 10-15fps almost freezing for a few seconds the gta, on the last version never happens it works perfect but in the new one i don't find any solution, i already have the vs off.

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i have a similar problem , in the version 037 the game works perfectly, but in the servers 1.1 version , when i press aany key of my keyboard the fps drop and the screen freeze and then, when i stop press the key the fps come back to normality.

i have tried to isntall again Gt v, rage, update all drivers of my pc , and nothing works, i have not able to fix that problem 

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On 11/10/2020 at 10:08 PM, Nutter said:

Try the Rockstar Games Launcher edition, you could stop lagging on the Epic Games Store edition too, but I haven't had much feedback on that yet.

when i Rockstar Games Launcher and Launcher  the rage mp Rockstar Games is close and start again ?and again is fps drop in game 

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