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disableAllControlActions not working as expected


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RAGE:MP version = 1.1


So basically I want to disable all mousewheel events by doing this in render event:


Is basically removing any ability to walk and jump and etc;

Why? I also tried inputgroup = 24 and got same results


UPD: I also tried disabling controls related to mousewheel one by one and got this:

	//Disable next radio
	mp.game.controls.disableControlAction(2, 81, true);

	//Disable weapon scroll in veh
	mp.game.controls.disableControlAction(2, 99, true);
	mp.game.controls.disableControlAction(2, 100, true);

	//Disable weapon scroll on foot <-- this is also not working
	mp.game.controls.disableControlAction(2, 261, true);
	mp.game.controls.disableControlAction(2, 262, true);

So it's ok in car but on foot I still can use mousewheel

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