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MySQL2 problem work with pools


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Forgive me if I wrote in the wrong place.

Faced a problem: Quite a long time answer when dealing with mysql2 pools.

At the same time, if I work through createConnection, everything is fine, the answer is quick.

What could be? The answer to such a request comes after 3 seconds . Or if I work without pools, then I get the answer in the same second.


// Connect

mp.db = await require("mysql2").createPool({
  connectionLimit: config.connectionLimit,
  host: config.host,
  user: config.user,
  password: config.password,
  database: config.database

// Query

mp.db.query(`SELECT * FROM test WHERE username = '${player.name}'`, function (error, result, fields) {
  if (error) return mp.dbError('authPlayer', error, authPlayer(player));
  if (result.length > 0) {
    player.call(`createWindow`, ['auth']);
    return true;
  player.call(`createWindow`, ['register']);


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