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Cayo Perico - Hanger missing interior - IPL won't load - h4_mph4_airstrip_interior_0_airstrip_hanger


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Anyone found the correct IPL for the Hanger and a few of the defenses on the Island? I still have an invisible inside of the hanger and block texture on some ground bases

So the IPL which has the interior is:h4_mph4_airstrip_interior_0_airstrip_hanger after using the native and working my way backwards removing IPL until the interior disappeared is this one. Therefore we need to find why it doesn't load manually when requesting that IPL

I have tried pinning the Interior in memory as well as the following:

mp.game.interior.enableInteriorProp(int, "island_hanger_padlock_props");
mp.game.streaming.setInteriorActive(int, true);
const isInteriorReady = mp.game.interior.isInteriorReady(int);
mp.gui.chat.push("isInteriorReady: " + isInteriorReady);
mp.game.interior.capInterior(int, false);
mp.game.interior.disableInterior(int, false);
mp.game.invoke("0x2CA429C029CCF247", int);

When checking on the interior as Disabled - it comes as True unless I use the native to enable it. I cannot enable the interior via Native or Rage SDK even if setting in Render doesnt' force it to show

const isDisabled= mp.game.invoke("0xBC5115A5A939DD15", int);
mp.gui.chat.push("isDisabled: " + isDisabled);


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