Vehicle Indicators

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Hello Guys,

Today i would like to introduce my first simple resource to the public people.

Vehicle indicators

Vehicle indicators are the main thing in role-play. Without it you can't role-play while driving or you can cause accidents.
So i did that simple resource to give some help to the community

You can now download it by the following link:


Don't forget to require it in your client-side by doing:



Here is a Gist to see source code


Feel free to update, copy, or change in the code.

I hope you enjoy the resource, if you find any bugs please post in that topic.

Edited by Captien
Resource Updated.
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On 1/7/2018 at 2:58 PM, aliakyurek said:


where to put the file

You put the file in  client_packages folder.  We added this as a one click install mod over at citadel servers for our clients.

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