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Ability to open External URL within CEF using Default Browser


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With the current CEF implementation, it doesn't allow you to trigger window.open or even <a href="https://google.com" target="_blank">.

I understand that there may be Security Concerns by doing so however if it was possible to have something similar to electron ie the ability to include a package to execute loadExternalURL - which you then verify before trigging it to open.

The use cases for wanting this feature would be:

1) External Authentication Providers

2) Visiting Servers Websites ie Forums

3) Linking the account to Social Platforms


The issue for trying to provide them within the CEF would be: Username and Password management missing, No Cookies from existing Sessions therefore Authentication to any of these platforms would be a pain.

My example would be:
1) Join Server

2) Server attempts to detect if you have autheintcated with Discord in the past

3) If not offer a Login Button

4) opens External Page in default browser asking to authorize the application

5) Auth finished so returns to a Page that says return to RAGE

6) Rage has automatically processed the information



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