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Keybind doesnt work on callRemote


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Hey, I'm really new to RageMP Scripting stuff, and I'm currently doing some basic coding.

I wanna do something like 

  • Press a button (E)
  • Send a Remote Call to the Server
  • Spawn a vehicle


mp.keys.bind(0x45, true, function() {
    mp.gui.chat.push("[RemoteEvent] Rollerverleih");
    mp.events.callRemote("Rollerverleih", player);

This is my current code.

The "Chat.Push" is showing up in my chat, but nothing else is happening. The Remote Call just doesnt work.

I tested my Remote Call and it works. I just made a Command with exactly the same functions in the Remote Call (copy & paste) and the Command seems to work. 


Just the Remote Call doesnt work.


Any help?
thanks in regards

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