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The vehicle did not want to go


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Hi it's me again, my simple gamemode working but I have problem with drive cars. When I spawn Vehicle by the command /veh [name car] and I get in the car, the engine is not on and I cannot drive. Sory for so many unnecessary topics and all but I'm new and I'm learning. 

My Code:

[Command("veh", "Użyj: /veh [Nazwa pojazdu]", Alias = "vehicle")]
        public void CMD_Veh(Player player, string vehName) {

            if (!IPlayer.IsPlayerLoggedIn(player)) return;

            IPlayer iplayer = player.GetData<IPlayer>("PlayerData");

            if(!iplayer.HasAdminLevel((int)AdminRanks.Admin)) {

                player.SendChatMessage("Nie masz wystarczających uprawnień.");

            VehicleHash vehHash = NAPI.Util.VehicleNameToModel(vehName);

            if(vehHash == 0) {

                player.SendChatMessage("Nieprawidłowa nazwa pojazdu.");

            if(player.HasData("PlayerData.Temp.Adminveh")) {

                Vehicle old_veh = player.GetData<Vehicle>("PlayerData.Temp.Adminveh");

            Vehicle veh = NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(vehHash, player.Position, player.Rotation, 5, 5, "LS-BRAK", 0, false, true);
            player.SetIntoVehicle(veh, 0);

            player.SendNotification($"Pojazd {vehHash}, został stworzony poprawnie ");

            player.SetData("PlayerData.Temp.Adminveh", veh);

And he adds a video of how it works.


The video shows that the car does not respond to the "W" button, and it is not even turned on.

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