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Put clothes on correctly


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Still can't understand how to set clothes correctly (especially, "tops", component 11)

They look like this


And if I remove clothes first like I've been told to do here

It still looks like shit


I searched a lot and found nothing on how to fix this, or maybe I'm retarded, just can't understand how to work that out


There are so-called "torsos" https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Male_Torsos

I can set a combination of torso and top clothing so that the body doesn't show up

The question is... how do I know what combination to set. Or I should check each clothing manually. I hope not.


Please help 😟


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9 часов назад, MrPancakers сказал:

Thanks, this solves the problem for most of the tops

But not for all, sometimes there are tops that require other "undershirt" than 15 (even after excluding tops that are not "supported" in that json file)


For example, I am setting: top drawable 163, texture 0

BestTorsoDrawable:  1, BestTorsoTexture: 0.




It can be fixed either by setting torso to 14 or undershirt to 1


I wonder how Rockstar dealt with this. This whole clothes thing is a mess right now.

Anyways thanks for reply, please don't close this thread as maybe there would be more replies


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