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SAMP Dialogs response problem


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Hi guys! I'm using SAMP dialogs by adri1


I created the dialog, it shows up, but the function OnDialogResponse never gets called. A working example with the samp dialogs would be helpful.

My code (clientside)

public class Login : Events.Script
        Dialog DIALOG_REGISTER;
        public Login()
            Events.Add("CheckRegisterDialog", OnDialogResponse);
            Events.Add("ShowRegister", OnRequestDialog);

        public void OnRequestDialog(object[] args)
            switch ((int)args[0])
                case 4:
                    DIALOG_REGISTER = new Dialog("DIALOG_REGISTER", "Server Register", "Your password:", new string[] { "Next", "Exit" }, null, null, " ");

        public void OnDialogResponse(object[] args)

               args[0] = dialog_name
               args[1] = response
               args[2] = listitem
               args[3] = inputtext
               args[4] = inputpassword
            Chat.Output("dialog_name: " + args[0].ToString());
            Chat.Output("response: " + (int)args[1]);
            Chat.Output("listitem: " + (int)args[2]);
            Chat.Output("inputtext: " + args[3].ToString());
            Chat.Output("inputpassword: " + args[4].ToString());

This is how i trigger the events (serverside)

NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEvent(player, "CheckRegisterDialog", 4);
NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEvent(player, "ShowRegister", 4);

4 is the number of dialog password type.

In the example Test.cs from adri1 an example of how to trigger the response event.


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For me it was the events name:

Events.Add("CheckRegisterDialog", OnDialogResponse);
            Events.Add("ShowRegister", OnRequestDialog);



            Events.Add("dialog_response", OnDialogResponse);
            Events.Add("create_dialog", OnRequestDialog);

It's fixed, thanks anyway.

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