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How to invoke native-Commands?


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i try to use native-Commands e.g. FREEZE_ENTITY_POSITION (0x428CA6DBD1094446).

I doesn't work.



Do I have to write extra code to make it possible these native-Commands?

I use RageMP 1.1

Can help me somebody?


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I chose the freeze-command as a example. I know that it's included in the API. It worked now.


I want to use native-commands also server-side. Is this possible?

For example this doesnt work:

        public void CMD_test(Player player)
            NAPI.Native.SendNativeToPlayer(player, 0x428CA6DBD1094446, player.Handle, true);

Any hints whats wrong with this?

Hash must be correct (is the same as above). When I change it to an incorrect Hash, a error message displays => native command must be executed, but not correctly.

Or is this impossible? 

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