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Want to start scripting.


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Hello and welcome! I believe that many people here are from samp community. :)

You can use both C# and NodeJS , there is no "main". I am not sure about lua.
There are more resources and gamemodes on forum made in NodeJS and JS so it looks like it is preferred by community, why I do not know, but both NodeJS and C# are great languages. I personally use C# for both client and server side. You can also work with combination of those two, C# for server-side and NodeJS for client side and vice versa. It is all up to you. One of the reasons why I prefer C# is because of much more powerful editor, Visual Studio.

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4 hours ago, whoopty said:


I'm kinda new in ragemp, I came from SAMP and I have alot of knowledge in Pawn.

I'm just confused, what's the main programming language in RageMP?

Some of the people are saying C# and some says LUA/JAVA/NODE.JS.




Whoever said lua is on crack

To correct the above
Serverside: C# or NodeJS
Clientside: C# or JavaScript (NodeJS is not used clientside)

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