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Rage MP Crashing in the Rockstar Launcher

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Hello! I have a fully clean version of GTA with only Rage Plugin hook install into it. When I try to join a server it will download all the stuff then in the Rockstar Launcher After about 15 second's it just crashes. No errors nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

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Same problem, have no idea. Fully clean GTA (Steam version) crashes after Rockstar Game Launcher loading. It's only at Rage 1.1, 0.3.7 servers starting well at Steam version. Also have Epic GTA version and it working well at 0.3.7 and 1.1. Have no idea whats wrong with Steam version, but it's my main and i need it working at 1.1😭

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Honestly going through the same issue right now for like the longest time for the past couple of weeks. It's absolutely irritating. Sometimes it will work after reinstalling it but then it won't work anymore... I've been trying over and over and reinstalling it but it just keep crashing with no errors. I play GTA V online just fine and everything works.

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