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Hi there,

So I want to modify a billboard, which I have already done and it's working in singleplayer. I have attempted of creating a dlc.rpf however I'm not completely understanding it. This is the exact directory in my singleplayer game



Do I recreate this directory in the dlc.rpf? So do I create a x64k.rpf file, and then levels, gta and so on. Or do I do it like the wiki states and just create a textures folder inside the x64 folder and pop the rpf in there (sc1_21.rpf). The tutorials are great but they don't show how to do a x64k.rpf file, it's normally something else.

Also, what does %PLATFORM% mean in the .xml files? Can I do something like %PLATFORM%/x64k.rpf/levels/gta5... and so on or not?


Thanks for the help

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