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Cannot implicitly convert type 'GTANetworkAPI.Player'


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Hello fellow Ragers.


I am raging now, as I cannot seem to resolve this line of code. For the love of god, someone help advise me here. I was following a tutorial and everything matches 100% however I cannot get this player.GetData parameter to work.


Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error	CS0029	Cannot implicitly convert type 'GTANetworkAPI.Player' to 'FBRP.PlayerData.Data'	FBRP	D:\Program Files\RAGEMP_serv\server-files\dotnet\resources\FBRP\FBRP\PlayerData\Core.cs	81	Active



        public async void OnPlayerConnected(Player player)
            Data temp = player.GetData<Player>(Data.DataIdentifier); //FIX ME

			if(await temp.AccountExists())
				player.SendChatMessage("Account Exists!");
				player.SendChatMessage("Account does not exist!");


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