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RAGE:MP Server Hosting


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Hello, I am going to do a RAGE: MP RP server where 300 people will play on a regular basis, I need a host that I will use personally and will not use anyone other than myself and will not distribute the system to many different individuals.
I wonder what data do I need to make RAGE: MP work perfectly on a server when there are so many players on the server?
I also wonder which host do you recommend? Please help me and give me tips, thank you very much.♥

P.S Is this enough for good perfomance?


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Nobody can give you a recommendation as each gamemode is different.

It comes down to how efficient your gamemode is, how well coded it is.

E.g if you just had a simple deathmatch gamemode this would be overkill.

We cannot tell you how much you need, you should run your server locally and see how much it takes or buy a smaller server and upgrade it as you find you need more resources.

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