Colored Headlights 1.0.0

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This script adds the colored xenon headlights feature from Arena War DLC.



Put coloredhlights into your server's client_packages directory, then add require('coloredhlights'); to client_packages/index.js.



Set the headlightColor shared variable of a vehicle to the headlight color ID you want. Command example:

// /hcolor 10 should make your vehicle's headlights pink"hcolor", (player, _, colorId) => {
    if (player.vehicle) { = Number(colorId);
    } else {
        player.outputChatBox("You're not in a vehicle!");


Headlight Colors

Since Rockstar didn't make headlight colors RGB, you can only use a set of numbers as color IDs.

0 = White
1 = Blue
2 = Light Blue
3 = Green
4 = Light Green
5 = Light Yellow
6 = Yellow
7 = Orange
8 = Red
9 = Light Pink
10 = Pink
11 = Purple
12 = Light Purple

Color IDs higher than 12 will force xenon headlights to use their default color.



  • Since this script toggles the xenon headlights mod (toggleMod 22), it may not work with your car customization script.
  • Color IDs lower than 0 and color ID 255 will disable the feature (revert headlights back to normal from xenon) until you set a valid color again.
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