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About This File

This plugin lets you "fix" RPFs of your dlcpacks on a server start in a completely automated way. Yes, it does support recursive RPFs!



Extract all archive files to the server root folder. No dependencies required, just the latest RAGE Multiplayer server.



Put your dlcpacks into /source_dlcpacks/ folder in the server root folder. Once you start the server it puts the proper dlcpacks into /client_packages/dlcpacks/.



  • Neodymium - GTA 5 modding research
  • rootcause - testing

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog



* Implemented compatible mode which is enabled by default. It encrypts your RPFs way faster and is compatible with all the user made RPFs as it doesn't optimize RPFs as the "full" mode does but just "fixes" it leaving it generally untouched. Use "dlc-encrypt-use-compatible-mode": 0 to use 1.0.0's "full" mode.



* Fixes



* Improve handling of pre-encrypted files



* Compatibility mode: improve compatibility with OpenIV's heavily-fragmented RPFs

* Compatibility mode: improve performance

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it's ok

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Feature request: If the addon is already encrypted, then the next server runs should not compile the same.

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👍 💪 Useful stuff. Thanks.

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Was waiting for a long time!
Thanks 😘

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it's nice

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oh yeah epic

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Nice plugin as I imagined. Works fine with vehicles, but dlcs maps still get my game crashed. Did anyone knows how to fix it?

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That's a complete mansplaining!

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Thanks to this I was able to fix my DLC pack which had been crashing due to corrupt game data the entire week. I had gone through who knows how many steps to correct it. I even tried ArchiveFix but it didn't seem  to work. I used this tool and with less than half an hour input I got it fixed. 

10/10, I am very delighted with your work. Thank you very much!

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