Mugshot Board 1.0.0

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About This File

This resource adds a way to make the local player hold a mugshot board with custom text on it, the custom text and animation won't be synced to others.

You can also use this resource to understand how rendertarget system works which lets you display scaleform on certain game objects.


Put policetext into your server's client_packages directory, then add require('policetext/index.js'); to index.js.

Available functions/events:
-> Params: title, topText, midText, bottomText, rank = -1

-> Params: -
And you can access if the local player has a mugshot board or not by using the hasMugshotBoard global variable.

Clientside example (pressing F10 will give your character a mugshot board, pressing it again will remove it):

mp.keys.bind(0x79, false, () => {
    if (!hasMugshotBoard) {, "Top Text", "Mid Text", "Bottom Text", 15);
    } else {


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