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DavWebCreator 1.2

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DavWebCreator is a C# class 'library' which provides you the possibility to generate HTML structures with according styles and logic behind each element.

There are already plenty of examples online here: https://DavWebCreator.com

But anyway I will provide you here at least one example 🙂

Compatible with


If you want to report a bug or just want some help join my discord: https://discord.gg/JYNDrSh



yes or no example picture.


Code behind:

        public void YesNoDialogExample(Client player)
          // Generate the Browser
            Browser browser = new Browser("YesNoDialog", BrowserType.Custom, BrowserContentAlign.Center, "520px",
          	// Create the dialog. (Most of the elements will get a default value)
            var yesNoDialog = browser.GetYesNoDialog("YES_NO_EXAMPLE", "Character Deletion", "WARNING", "Do you really want to delete your character?",
                "Yes", "No");

            // Customize for example the font size and the margin.
            yesNoDialog.Card.ContentTitle.FontSize = "30px";
            yesNoDialog.Card.Margin = "33% 0 0 0";

            // Add to the browser
          	// Finally open the browser for the desire player.

		//This event will be called when a button was clicked.
        public void YesNoExample(Client player, params object[] args)
            if (args == null)
          	// This is just a list of reponses. (You can bind for example 3 textboxes to a button and when someone click on that button, all 3 binded textboxes will be in the response, with their hidden values.
            List<BrowserEventResponse> responses = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<BrowserEventResponse>>(args[0].ToString());

			// For some reason we know that a YesNoDialog only gives you one response, because only the clicked button will be returned.
            BrowserEventResponse buttonResponse = responses[0];

            player.SendChatMessage(buttonResponse.Value + " Clicked");
			player.SendChatMessage(buttonResponse.HiddenValue + " This is our secret hidden value. e.g. some id");
          	// Close the browser

            // Do stuff



  1. Download the .rar
  2. Open the "DavWebCreator_Installation.rar" and open the directory called "DavWebCreator_GetStarted".
  3. Open the directory "Server Resources" and Copy and paste the directory "DavWebCreator" in to your"Visual Studio" server project.
  4. Go back to the directory called "DavWebCreator_GetStarted".
  5. Now open the directory "Client Resources" and Copy and paste the directory "DavWebCreator" in to your "Visual Studio" client project.

Your solution should now look like this.

how the projects should look now picture.

      6. Go back to the directory called"DavWebCreator_GetStarted".

      7. Now open the directory "Client Frontend" and copy and paste the directory "DavWebCreator" in to your RageMp "client_packages" directory.


This is how it should look now:

how the 'client_resources' folder should look now picture.

The project stays under the MIT license, feel free to contribute: https://github.com/davidowiz/DavWebBrowser 🙂

Maybe the installation procedure will be improved. But as you all now, time is limited.

Best regards,


What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


- Migrated Server & Client to


+ Added a example to generate a simple form with 3 input text boxes & 1 selection box. (/form)

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