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Welcome Cutscene (From GTA:Online) 1.0.1

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Welcome Cutscene

Getting started

I have created an event called: startWelcomeCutscene - the First parameter is the Gender - 0 = Male, 1 = Female, the Second parameter is the name shown during the welcome process (This can be null)

To include a name on the Welcome Screen using Draw Text when the Plane appears use. Be sure to edit the variable: ServerName (Line 9)

//Server Side

//Client Side
mp.events.call("startWelcomeCutscene", 0, "John");

To just simply show the Welcome Screen (no name shown)

//Server Side
player.call("startWelcomeCutscene", [0])

//Client Side
mp.events.call("startWelcomeCutscene", [0]);

This will then start a screen fade out, load the correct items, clone your player for the cutscene, remove unnecessary players from the movie and then being cutscene.



Once the movie has finished it will call: 

mp.events.add("cutsceneEnded", () => {
	// Do something like new camera etc

mp.events.add("cutsceneEnded", (player) => {
	// Spawn Player

So be sure to add this either Serverside or Clientside as it does both: call and callRemote for this function.

I would recommend trigger your Spawn Process after the "cutsceneEnded" event.

Special thanks to @Jer for providing the initial details from @DevGrab

Things to note:

  • If the server crashes - the jet may get left in the cutscene (even after re-log) - Action: Reload Game
  • I have tried triggering mp.game.cam.doScreenFadeOut(100); when the cutscene is finished however I had no luck.
  • However if your screen does go black, just call: mp.game.cam.doScreenFadeIn(0);


If you want to build your own cutscenes in the future, be sure to check out how this cutscene was initially developed by going to:


Line 6963 shows you how to register certain models and also how to hide models (using Male and Female as example)

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Users reported issue of cutscene not loading - moved to async and using waitAsync to delay game until cutscene is correctly loaded. Switch to for loop for @Lancer8883<3

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@WdoyleThe event doesn't triggers for me. What did i mess up?
I tested with JS and C#.

My Server-Side C# code:

NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEvent(player, "startWelcomeCutscene", 0, "John");

My Server-Side JS code:

player.call("startWelcomeCutscene",[0, John])

The event just doesn't trigger, the code runs towards.

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