Blackout 1.0.1

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About This File

This resource lets you control the blackout feature of GTA V.



  • Put the files you downloaded in their respective places
  • Add require('blackout') to client_packages/index.js
  • All done



// Serverside (synced to every player) // get = true/false // set

// Clientside (only for a client) // get = true/false // set

You can also trigger SetBlackoutState event with the first argument being the new state of blackout.



// Toggle blackout mode with /toggleblackout (Serverside)"toggleblackout", (player) => { = !;
    player.outputChatBox(`Blackout ${ ? `enabled` : `disabled`}.`);
// Toggle blackout mode with F8 key (Clientside)
mp.keys.bind(0x77, false, () => { = !;`Blackout ${ ? `enabled` : `disabled`}.`);




What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Version 1.0.1:

- Switched to light state API from native blackout, which means the script should be working again

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