Easy Blip Creator 1.0.0

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About This File

Easy way to create blips:  create, teleport to blip and delete. The blips are loaded on script load.


Copy files to your server-files and don't forget to edit index.js in client_packages if you have more resources.


  • /blipc or /blipcreator  - Enable and disable creator mod
  • /blipd or /blipdelete - Open menu with blips to teleport or delete


  • '  (single quotation marks) - Open and close creator menu. (Only works if creator mod is enabled)
  • 1 (number one) - Create blip in your position with the config pre-binded (Only works if you bind)
  • (number two) - Create blip in your position with the config pre-binded (Only works if you bind)


The blips are saved in json file. if you want change the directory go to (packages/BlipCreator/index.js) and change const SAVE_FILE = './blips.json';
Anyone can create and delete blips, if you have permission system or whatever, put your verifications in the commands: function blipCreator(player) and function delBlips(player) and also in events mp.events.add("delBlip", (player, id) => and mp.events.add("blipCreate", (player, data) => in file (packages/BlipCreator/index.js)

Did you see a grammar error please coment :D thks

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GG man, good job


5 strs

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