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Does not load client side || Не загружает Client side


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I'm using version 1.1 (c #)
Click packages are located in the folder "client_packages\cs_packages"

Server logs: 

[INFO] Starting RAGE Multiplayer server...

||      MaxPlayers              100
||      Sync rate               40ms
||      Name                    RAGE:MP Unofficial server
||      Gamemode                freeroam
||      Streaming distance      500
||      Announcement            disabled
||      Voice chat              disabled
||      Address       
||      Connection limits       disabled
||      Encryption              enabled
||      NodeJS                  enabled
||      C#                      enabled

[INFO] Loading NodeJS packages...
[INFO] Starting packages...
[DONE] Server packages have been started.
Initializing Bootstrapper.dll (
-> SERVER STARTED AT 03.03.2021 10:15:52
Unable to load acl.xml
ACLEnabled: False
Loaded 667 entries from vehicleData.json
Loading resources..
-> Starting DriftProject/DriftProject resource..
DriftProject/DriftProject: loading scripts.. found 1 script(s)
DriftProject/DriftProject: instantiating DriftProject.ServerSideMain..
DriftProject/DriftProject: loading server events.. found 1 server event(s)
DriftProject/DriftProject: loaded 1 server events(s)
DriftProject/DriftProject: loading commands.. found 2 command(s)
DriftProject/DriftProject: loaded 2 commands(s)
Gamemode started!
-> Resource DriftProject/DriftProject started!
Started! Waiting for connections..
[DONE] Started resource transfer server at 12 port.
[DONE] Client-side packages weight: 0.000259 MB (uncompressed: 0.000580 MB).
[INFO] Initializing networking...
[DONE] Networking has been started: (IPv4-only) at
[DONE] The server is ready to accept connections.
[N] Incoming connection from


Client script:

using System;
using RAGE;

namespace ClientSide
    public class Class1 : Events.Script
        public Class1()
            RAGE.Events.OnPlayerSpawn += OnPlayerSpawn;

        void OnPlayerSpawn(Events.CancelEventArgs cancel)




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