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Information about server

The largest and most popular GTA V Roleplay server opens to the English market!
The Grand Role Play server opened in 2020 in Russian and to this day works flawlessly with a large number of people. The server is programmed from scratch on the RAGEMP platform. To this day, server owners are upgrading and updating the server. Grand Role Play server does not have queues to connect to the server because this server supports +1000 players at a time. Connect when you want! More than +200 people play on the English server every day.


Staff Structure

We could write “Server Team” in this section, but since we are a big family with people of all walks of life, then we can confidently say that we are one big project.

The project team looks at the players as “their” children. With each follower of our project, we communicate sincerely and try to answer all the questions asked in as much detail as possible so that the project follower can feel that we need him and we care about his opinion.

When we start writing the composition of the team, we would like to say that the people in the project are different in a way. Everyone has their work and does it with real quality because the people in the team put all their hopes and all the motivation to make the project look “from the side” to make it look like the project is high quality and a friendly community plays in it.


Server systems


😲 First steps after registration



🧐 Authorization 



👨‍👦 Family system 



🔧 Settings 



🤯 Craft system



🚗 Сustomize your car



🥼 Sell your things on the trading market



🌿 Family farming business



👕 Thousands of clothes for your character



🚗 We have more than 200 DLC cars



🏡 Estate agency



💸 Bank robbery



🎒 Inventory with 23k icons



💵 Bank system



🕹️ Main menu



🤑 Stock exchange



 Electrician job



🔫 Thug graffiti system



💰 Export goods



🚕 Taxi system



🔫 Сollecting weapons




Want to start playing?

Visit https://gta5grand.com/



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Update 2021.04.02

🔷 In a special animation we added new animations:

  • Gang splitting, scratch your back and front, show the world, cross arms, read a book, hold roses, washing using a sponge and masturbation.
  • We added six new dances.
  • We added a new tab called "other animations" where you can find 17 new animations.
  • We added a function to hold a player and sit on a his/her back.

🔶 We added a new interior for barracks on the territory of National Guard.

  • Now after deaths National Guard employees will spawn in a third barrack. 
  • When they log in a game they will spawn in a third barrack.
  • In all of barracks we added two rods to boost your strengths.
  • We also added an interior where you can search recruits. 

🔷 We updated a design of a mobile phone.

  • We added some new functions to it like: customization of a ringtone, the ability to call, message a person without adding him/her in contacts. Also we have added a mode "do not disturb".

🔶 We added new discs on cars.

🔷 We added an interior for LSPD.

  • Man and women will spawn at different rooms and change there.
  • In the interior we added two rods to boost your strengths.
  • In the meeting room there has been a new microphone added if you want speak loudly.

🔷 Now after you log in the game your car from a parking will be at the same place when you left the game.

🔶 Now a player can know a strangers name  if he showed him a document or a passport until he restarts a game.

🔷 Now you can buy pills from NPC in EMS but there will be more expensive than to get it from players.

🔶 Now after a car crash the engine of a car will stop and there will be a vibration.

  • The next time transport might not start straight away.

🔷 Now when the body armor becomes damaged a player will have a shake.

🔶 Now you can walk out from your house while you are in garage, You just have to go to the doors of garage and press E.

🔷 In a family logs you can switch the page of the logs. 

🔶 In Lifeinvader you can create an event for free from now on.

  • A leader can set it up in a panel

🔷 We added a custom painting for E46.

🔶 We added a new design for the points of drifting.

🔷 Now if the house is paid less than for 5 days you will get a notification.

🔶 We added a new design when you buy a transport in a dealership.

🔷 Now after a part-time job you will see a design where you can see how much money you earned and different ways to earn it.

🔶 Now LSPD,SAHP and FIB can arrest a person in court room in the government building.

  • In order to arrest a person you need to have 1 government employee near you.
  • For the arrest a state employee gets 7000 dollars.


🔷 We added new businesses: 6 gas stations, 7 24/7 stores and 2 clothing shops.

🔶 Now the transports name is the same as in real life.

🔷 We added a new territory for a business war named "Storage"

  • Also we added this territory to arena.

🔶 We changed a system of everyday prizes.

  • We added a new design when you enter a game.
  • Now the prize for each day logging in the game  is extended until 60 days.
  • Each tenths day is saved.
  • If you skip one day you come back to the last saved day.
  • You can only skip it ones otherwise you will come back to the start

🔷 We added a flowers shop with 6 different bouquets.

  • You can gift flowers to any player(G-basic interactions-gift a flower)
  • To remove flowers from your hands press ESC

🔶 We updated a design of jobs.

🔷 For the big houses you can spawn air transport. The function is added only to 56 houses.

🔶 From now on in jail you can see a time you have left, who put it you there and for what reason.

🔷 In a craft design we added a categories for a convenient choice to create new clothes.

🔶 We changed a receipt in a payday.

🔷 We changed a design of dealership.

  • Now you can pick your transport from dropping list.

🔶 To a donation store and craft we added categories.

🔷 In each payday a player gets 1 grand coin which you can spend in a new shop and find it in the menu.

🔶 We changed a model for Porsche Panamera 2018 and added a tuning.

🔷 We added a function where you can set up which level of players you want to hear.

🔶 We added a new firefighter job.

  • In a job you have 3 skills levels
  • Your salary depends on your skills level.
  • You can rent a transport in order to cool down a fire much more faster.
  • Ones every 4 hours there will be a huge fire in different places:
  • If there is a fire in FIB layers cannot use PDA.
  • If there is  fire in the farm you can not water plants.
  • If there is a fire in a TV tower you cannot use you phone and call someone.
  • If there is a fire in the market you can trade with layers and use tables to sell stuff.
  • If there is a fire in the cars market you cannot interact with other players.
  • If there is a fire in a central bank you cannot use services of any banks in the city.
  • If there is a fire in a casino you cannot play a roulette or spin a wheel.

Other changes


We fixed the way pages look in a design of parking. You can do it through NPC.
We made some changes for changing your guns in a fast slot.
We fixed how bullets are used in the inventory. 
We fixed a gas station on the territory of National Guard without a transport.
Now if a product train drove the whole way and it is not full. The time will start from beginning. 
Now you cannot use a drifting assistant on low speed.
Now in the 10 thousand dollar lottery ticket we added Toyota Supra.
Added the ability to clean unripe garden beds near the house 
Improved synchronization of transporting players in the trunk 
Fixed problems with the transfer of the trip mark in transport 
Added several men pants to the clothing store 
Changed the mapping of the gas station on the territory of the National Guard 
Removed the protruding fence post near the house 1140 
Added automatic replay in chat when calling for help 
Added a log for the National Guard about the issuance of a military ID
Fixed numbering of houses in statistics
Now you cannot use organizational or family radio during animation 
Fixed a camera bug if the billiard table was removed while the player was aiming with the cue 
Fixed display of long text in dialogs 
In the section In statistics, you can now hover over the designation of the vehicle and where the vehicle is used 
Changed the camera at the NPC with a warehouse on the spawn of families 
Now you can make banking transactions at the NPC in the casino 
Fixed a bug when, when changing the backpack, the slots remained open 
Added English nationality when you create a family.
Now when your hands are raised up when you dies you can only use RP and Non-RP chat.
Now family members are marked yellow on the map.
Now the peoples count when you battle for turfs are shown for each player who is in a gang.

Now in arena you can change a mode to a day or night.
Now the camera is moving when you use alcohol.
Now when there is attack on Fort Zencudo there will be a siren working.
When there is an escape from prison siren will start as well.
We removed logs for fertilisation of a family plantation.
Now you cannot use painted guns during a turf.
The distance for opening a truck is changed to 5 metres.
We fixed a bug when you could not get in the car when you removed animation.
We added atm to the bar Vanilla Unicorn.
EMS masks storage is limited to 1000 units.
To premium dealership we added Kamacho.
The license for lawyers is not issues for 30 days. 
Fixed misalignment of buttons in the design when joining families / organisations 
Now, when registering in the game, you can not specify a password in Russian 
Now the timer on the family raid and drug laboratory will disappear when members of one of the parties are out of the territory 
Changed the dialogue for extending the lease of a shop in the regular and black markets 
Now you can not hijack vehicles rented in the store 
Fixed arrival at in the apartment number 6 by transport from another house 
Now the status of accepting announcements to lifeinvaders editor is saved after server restart 
Now you can not switch animations while falling 
Fixed a bug when during death in car sharing it was impossible to select the death option

Now you can restart a guide through the NPC near a train station.
We fixed a bug when a mouse stayed on a screen when you chose to spawn at the place you were last at.
We added a scarf for man in the jewellery store.
For the starter kit we added a women skirt.
Now you cannot enter a raid on a workshop if you are in handcuffs.
Now you cannot use hotkey for the handcuffs/ when you walk with someone. 
Now in the section “my work”, instead of the skill level of the oilman, the amount of extracted raw materials is displayed (with each new level, the amount is reset to zero) 
Fixed saving the position of the car sharing vehicle when the owner left the vehicle from the passenger seat 
Fixed display of the indicator of the sealed house when entering the house 
Fixed display of auction reminder on some screen resolutions 
Fixed collision on one of the bridges in Los Santos 
Now the display of the chat can be changed at the time of death 
Optimised drug lab interiors
Now if you leave the territory of a turf you will have 5 seconds to return back.
Server time is changed to London time.


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