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[Hiring] Looking for experienced developer. Paying upto 1,000$ (USD)


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A new English heavy roleplay voice and text based server is looking for an experienced developer who will dedicate their time to completing this project. 


What is SRP looking for?

SRP is looking for a developer who is dedicated, professional and skilled. All of our systems will be custom made with an abstract simple UI for players to easily grasp and understand when playing. All of our systems will attempt to be based on reality and realism but drawing the line between too real and fun. We will re-define the English roleplay scene adding an extreme emphasis on roleplay not ruleplay. Roleplay will be rewarded and it will be well-worth rather than being a "shooter"



We right now are still planning however some of the specifics and core gameplay will focus within the city limits.

Core features would include but not limited to;

Customizable cars,

f4 factions menu,

law systems,

turf system,

map zones,

custom interiors,

every object being interactable,

house system with addresses,

easy-to-use building system that could be use within interiors and exterior, 

academic system with professors and students, 

emergency services which includes Medical Department,

smooth in-game phone that will have in-coming, outcoming, text chats and group text chats, 

an inventory system that allows you to drop, pickup items and move different items into your equipped weapons spot and equipped clothing. 

stores with products and ingredients for foods that you can cook at your apartment/business,

fast food chains that serve on-the-go quick food, 

impounding car system,

in game credit store which would sell custom cars and custom clothing as well as -jail time, -gas price, more gas, (NOT FULLY P2W custom cars will be very nerfed)

banks with pin codes, tax and salaries, 

Civilian job system 

Barber shop

tattoo shop 

radios with 1000 frequencies 

in-game police tac radio 

fast animations with crouch as (c) and radio as (r) 

(and more to add, ask for more details)  


Why you should take this job

Me and my partners are experienced game developers. We have created experiences with over 20,000 concurrent players and 200,000,000 play sessions with 5,000,000 monthly active users (mau) We have played roleplay servers for several years on rageMP and understand what people want. This will be a hit server which means we would re-hire you for updates. This will be a good way for you to make some extra money if you needed it. Depending on cashflow of the server, updates could be a bigger payment than initial payment of 1000$ however this is fully dependent on how the server performs and could change over-time, nothing is final. 


If you are interested, please send me a request + message on discord 

please make sure to message me and link this thread after you send a request, I get many many requests daily due to my games. 



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