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Project Lxst Chxnce ™ GTA5 Rage: MP is looking for an experienced developer with a wide range of skills for long-term work.



You will receive tasks about 1-2 times a week, depending on their readiness and size. Our task descriptions are as much detailed as possible, so you will always clearly understand your job and how to achieve the set result. We welcome and practice active communication within the team, so you can always reach out or discuss anything. We need a person who will devote a proper part of their time to work on our project and who will be included in the rhythm of the team.



  • Writing and implementing quality code
  • Ensuring compliance of the result with the stated requirements
  • Bug fixes and code improvements
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Maintenance and updating of existing systems
  • Close collaboration with other developers, UX designers and other teams



  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript, React.js, node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Working with Rage: MP



  • Work experience developing mods for GTA Rage:MP at least six months *
  • Work experience as a web developer at least a year

* If you don’t meet this requirement we can still give you the job considering that you will acquire the skills needed for Rage:mp mod development.



  • Logic and abstract thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • Good grammar
  • Good communication skills
  • Presentation
  • Argumentation



We give you a task → we agree on the price → you meet the deadline → we pay.

Payment directly depends on the achievement of the set requirements and the accuracy of the implementation of all its goals.

The payment varies depending on the task complexity.

No additional payment is assigned for further bug fixes and corrections, these obligations are foreseen in the payment for the given task.



Lxst Chxnce team works according to the principles of good organization and communication. We always clearly describe tasks, goals and instructions. Our team is a group of close-knit people with one goal - to create something exceptional, fresh and exciting.


For further details, send us a message here

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