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Re-Enable ability to use NPC models


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Pretty short suggestion here, but one of the things I was looking forward to in a GTA rp is just being able to play as a character using one of the NPC models, due to how specific they were in appearance as well as being unique, with their own body-types and looks. To me, a lot of the GTA Online (character customization models) start to look very similar in terms of body shape and textures, face shape etc. Although I get that it's possible to make an extremely unique looking character, there's still something about them that make it hard to craft what you vision for your character.

I think with the wide variety of NPC models there are, it would be a fun feature to re-add, I suppose one of the downsides is bumping into someone with the same head model or whatever, however I think with how close in similarity some of these people end up looking, it wouldn't be too much of an issue, especially with clothes customization. It's not /that/ possible to be either someone who's overweight or a scrawny crackhead (as some examples), with the current options in customization, especially regarding the female models who have a very specific one type of body type in a lot of the outfits. I do recognise that there are some odd outfits that alter bodies slightly, like Lamar's shirt giving more narrow shoulders and such, though even still, there's a lot more differences with the NPC models.

I was told on the forum of the server I played (GTA World RP) that this may of disabled by Rage itself, so I was hoping it was possible for the feature to come back if this is the case, or find a reason as to why it was removed.

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