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[Guide] How to use React, Redux and Typescript as UI (CEF)


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I have put together a example repository on how to use React with Redux and Typescript as UI (CEF). I was looking for something like this and the guides I could find felt outdated, not using current Rage APIs etc.



Sending data from the Client to the UI (CEF)

this.browser = mp.browsers.new("package://cef/index.html#");
this.browser.execute( `window.store.dispatch({type: "ADD", payload: ${data}})`)


In order for the Redux store to be in the window scope we assign it like this in our root index.tsx

import store from "./store"
window["store"] = store


After this point we're on "normal" React roads again.

import { useAppSelector, useAppDispatch } from "../../store/hooks"
const texts = useAppSelector(state => state.text.texts)
const dispatch = useAppDispatch()

const handleSubmit = () => {
    dispatch({ type: "ADD", payload: "Cool input here" })

    {texts.map((text, index) => (
        <p key={index}>{text}</p>


Sending data from the UI to the Client and Server

// React
const handleSubmit = () => {
    mp.trigger("CallServerEvent", "Login", JSON.stringify(loginInfo))
<form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>

// Client
    "CallServerEvent": (event: string, data: string) => {
        mp.events.callRemote(event, data);

// Server
    "Login": (player: PlayerMp, data: string) => {
        ... Handle login

Handling routing

On the UI side we use React-Router with the HashRouter

import { HashRouter, Route, Switch } from "react-router-dom"
import { LoginScreen, CharacterSelection } from "./pages"

const Routes = () => {
	return (
				<Route path="/" exact component={HUD} />
				<Route path="/login" component={LoginScreen} />
				<Route path="/characterselection" component={CharacterSelection} />


The routing is controlled from the Server/Client side

const path = `location.hash = "#${url}"`;


Building and bundling

This example uses Tailwind for styling (Login page) and included are the minimum required setup to use Tailwind with React.

This is not needed and can be replaced with any other styling solution. Craco can also be removed if Tailwind is not used.


The react-scripts for start, build and test are replaced by craco to allow for postcss handling.

"start": "craco start", "build": "craco build", "test": "craco test",


This example uses Gulp to bundle the built Javascript files to inline Javascript located in the build/index.html

Example on how I handle bundling and then moving the build folder to the right location.

// package.json in RAGE.mp server-files root
"gulp": "cd app/react-cef && npx gulp", 
"move-cef": "cp -r app/react-cef/build client_packages/cef/"


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