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[MAPPING] Quaternion to Vector3


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I mapped objects in CodeWalker and decided to implement server side loading RAGE.MP. But there is a problem that when creating an object via mp.objects.new (), for some reason, rotation does not work .. In XML, rotation consists of 4 values (Quaternion), but RAGE.MP accepts Vector3 Tell me how you can convert values?

Found in npm packages three.js library

But when I convert from quaternion, the object in the game does not rotate like in CodeWalker ..

Gentlemen, developers, tell me how you can rotate the object correctly.

Here's a sample code how I convert:

                var three = require("three");
				var object = {
                    "position": ["2382.63900000","-2260.29900000","134.54850000"],
                    "rotation": ["0.00000000","0.00000000","0.00000000","1.00000000"],
                    "dimension": 0

                var quaternion = new three.Quaternion(parseFloat(object.rotation[0]), parseFloat(object.rotation[1]), parseFloat(object.rotation[2]), parseFloat(object.rotation[3]));
                var convertedRotation = new three.Euler().setFromQuaternion( quaternion );

                mp.objects.new(mp.joaat(object.model), new mp.Vector3(parseFloat(object.position[0]), parseFloat(object.position[1]), parseFloat(object.position[2])),
                        rotation:  new mp.Vector3(parseFloat(convertedRotation.x), parseFloat(convertedRotation.y), parseFloat(convertedRotation.z)),
                        dimension: object.dimension


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