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[ENG] Nova Roleplay | 1.1 | Voice/Text Based | Progressive | https://nova-roleplay.net/


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We're eager to bring Nova to the public.

The great effort and unique ideas we have, makes our gameplay joyful and immersive. There are many opportunities in the server, with great development efforts made on the criminal features. Next to that we of course have all the needed legal factions and civilian jobs available.


Some features of Nova include:

* House Robberies

* Store Robberies

* Safe Robberies

* In-depth Cooking & Planting

* Weapon Smuggling

* Expected Legal factions

* Multiple Civilian Jobs

* Player Owned Businesses

* Anti-Cheat

Much more to explore in the city.

The server will be up this Friday, 30th of September.

In the beginning of the launch, people will receive $5.000 instead of the standard $2.000. They will also skip the application progress.

Rules are still active and thus people performing poor roleplay will be punished (There will be no wipe).

We'd love if people tried out the sever and experience it, only 30 minutes will create a good idea of how competitive our server is compared to others.

Transparency and reliability is something we value, so we will try and create a server where stability is key. We believe there is good fun to be made on the server, alone or with your friends. Suggestions are also great, as me and Musto are both devout developers, we believe we can create anything our community wants, so we're eager to hear it. Hope to see you all on Friday, in game.


Nova Roleplay Discord


Check out our trailer!


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